Visiting London Eye Tips

Given the vast popularity of the London Eye and the millions of people visiting this iconic attraction, you must learn all the tips for visiting London Eye. 

With the help of these visiting London Eye tips, you will be to plan a correct itinerary and focus more on enjoying yourself rather than struggling each step of the way. 

We cover you, from crucial London Eye ticket tips to general London Eye travel tips. 

We will help you avoid all the pitfalls so you can enjoy the mesmerizing view from the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. 

Let’s jump in and check out the top tips for London Eye. 

Top Tips for London Eye

Before booking the London Eye, you must go through the tips, suggestions, and FAQ’s to plan a better itinerary.

Should You Make a Booking for the London Eye?

An essential question most visitors wonder is whether they should book their tickets in advance.

Booking London Eye tickets can be complicated owing to London’s unpredictable weather.

We advise purchasing London Eye tickets after checking London’s weather forecast

Buying tickets for the London Eye, a top-rated attraction, will be tedious if you wait to buy them offline. 

A pro tip for visiting the London Eye tips and, more precisely, concerning the London Eye queue tips is to go for the London Eye fast-track tickets and avoid the long queues.

Even though the fast track tickets are €10 more than the standard London Eye tickets, tourists and locals prefer them because they save up to an hour of waiting time.

But if you still need clarification, read about the London Eye Standard tickets vs. Fast Track in detail. 

So, all visitors should pre-book tickets to avoid the disappointment of scorching heat or a gloomy rainy day after reaching the destination.

Best Weather for Visiting the London Eye

Now, moving on to the general but highly relevant London Eye visitor tips. While visiting any attraction, you must check the weather. 

Otherwise, you may face disappointment if things go south.

Attractions like the London Eye offer a scenic view, so choose a clear day over dark and cloudy days. Let us explain why. 

If you visit on a cloudy day, there’s a strong probability that clouds may obscure your view of many attractions from such extraordinary heights. 

On a clear day, you can see as far as 40 km in all directions up to the famous Windsor Castle. Read London Eye views to know more. 

You can check the weather forecast for the day and make a last-minute booking to go to the London Eye.

To relieve the waiting time, you can shell out a few bucks and pre-book the same-day London Eye ticket. 

Read the best time to visit the London Eye; it forms one of the most crucial aspects of visiting the London Eye tips.

The online discount is only available for tickets purchased at least four days before your London Eye visit. 

Therefore, tickets purchased within four days of your visit are not eligible for online discounts.

Camera Policy in the London Eye

One of the most crucial London Eye tips pertains to the camera policy. 

This tip is especially for you if you believe in capturing the moment on your electronic devices.

The London Eye view is worth treasuring forever in a photograph, so you must choose to seize the breathtaking moment.

You should carry your cameras for taking social media-worthy shots to post online.

The photographs can also act as perfect London souvenirs.

However, don’t get swayed by bringing tripods and recording devices, as authorities prohibit them on the premises.

Before clicking pictures or a shoot, you must have the Duty Managers’ express consent to use the material for promotional purposes.

What to Wear while Visiting the London Eye?

One of the top visiting London Eye tips is regarding clothing. London is known to have some of the most unpredictable weather.

Generally, there is no set dress code for visiting the London Eye. However, you must dress according to the weather for a comfortable tour. 

Wear whatever your heart desires but remember that the London Eye is located along the Southbank, so that it can get rather cold throughout the winter.

Please beware that strict security inspections happen as passengers board the London Eye. 

Visitors must undergo a non-invasive security check before boarding that requires them to remove their jackets or any other extra layers.

You can request a same-sex officer to frisk you.

What Can You Carry Inside the London Eye? 

Here is a list of the items you can bring to the London Eye; strictly adhere to it to avoid any issues.

  • You can bring your briefcases, small day-size rucksacks, and bags. Make sure you aren’t carrying heavy luggage, and ensure that the maximum size is 18″ x 13″ x 8″ (46cm x 33cm x 20cm).
  • Do you have an important meeting lined up? Don’t worry; you can carry your laptop to the London Eye.
  • If you plan to travel with a baby, you can bring baby bags, buggies, and pushchairs. Although, it must be folded down before joining the boarding queue.
  • Drinking water is allowed, but ensure you don’t sneak in cooked food or alcohol.

No locker or storage rooms are available at the London Eye. So, if you carry a huge backpack, the nearest Left Luggage facility is at Charing Cross Station.

Alcohol, baseball bats, folding bikes, fireworks, explosives, guns, knives, pepper spray, pets (aside from service animals), sharp objects, scooters, screwdrivers and spanners, skateboards, tasers, and tripods are prohibited.

Restroom Facilities at the London Eye

Knowing about the restroom facilities has to be one of the top London Eye visitor tips. Don’t worry; London Eye has a male, female, and accessible toilet facility in the ticket office.

Using the restroom before boarding the London Eye capsule is better because no toilet facilities are on board the London Eye.

In an emergency, contact the team; they will gladly assist you.

Baby changing facilities are also available at the ticket office.

Tickets for an Organization or Bulk Buying

This is regarding the London Eye ticket tips. Do you want bulk tickets for the London Eye? Or are you planning an office or school trip?

You must pre-book tickets instead of waiting in line or facing disappointment.

But before that, check out the information on the official site about what is included in a school’s package.

Attractions near London Eye

Due to its location on the River Thames, London Eye is close to many other unique and iconic attractions. There are plenty of London Eye attractions to explore.

One of the key areas is the South Bank itself. There are plenty of shops, attractions places to eat and explore. 

Make sure to take a River Cruise to explore the attractions located near the shore.

You can stroll across the river and explore attractions like the Westminister, Big Ben, House of Parliament, etc.


How much time do you need for London Eye?

The type of London Eye ticket, along with whether or not you have purchased them in advance, will determine your time. It takes 30 minutes for one rotation. 

But if you don’t take London Eye Fast-track tickets, it can take up more than one and a half hours in the waiting queues. 

In short, it takes around 90 minutes for most visitors to complete the London Eye Tour with the right type of London Eye ticket.

Featured Image: Londoneye.com

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