Sky-High Romance with London Eye Valentine’s Day Capsule of Love

Celebrating Valentine’s Day on London Eye is a unique and highly romantic experience that is different from any other traditional celebration. 

The London Eye’s circular motion symbolizes love’s continuous and eternal nature. 

Riding it on Valentine’s Day can be seen as a metaphor for the journey of love, filled with ups and downs but always moving forward.

Picture a wonderful stroll through the charming city of London, the river Thames flowing nearby and the giant Ferris wheel rotating with a certain romance.

Now imagine ascending the London Eye during the setting sun when laughter fills the air, and love resides in every corner. 

You can have a cozy dinner with the melody of your love playing while the world below will be aglow with twinkling lights on Valentine’s Day on London Eye.

Celebrate your love of the London Sky with these top 4 London Eye tickets

The London Eye Entry Ticket

The London Eye Entry Ticket

  • Ride the tall London Eye for stunning views.
  • Skip the line with fast-track admission.
  • Choose between standard or fast-track tickets.
  • Get a free London Eye guide for iOS & Android.

Ticket Price: £30 per person.

 London Eye and Madame Tussauds Combo Ticket

London Eye & Madame Tussauds Combo Ticket

  • Standard entry tickets for the London Eye.
  • Admission tickets to Madame Tussauds.
  • Access to all exhibits and exhibitions
  • See lifelike wax statues of famous stars.

Ticket Price: £60 per person.

London Eye Champagne Experience

The London Eye Champagne Experience

  • Access the exclusive Eye Lounge of the London Eye before boarding.
  • VIP Fast-track entrance
  • A personal host in the pod
  • Sip on chilled Pommery Brut Royal Champagne.
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of London.

Ticket Price: £58 per person.

Thames River Cruise

Thames River Cruise with London Eye Ticket

  • Admire views of Top London attractions, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.
  • River cruise experience with a souvenir guide map.
  • Enjoy foreign language audio commentary

Ticket Price: £14 (Only River Cruise) and £46 (Cruise + London Eye)

Reasons to Choose The London Eye Valentine’s Day Celebration:

Here are compelling reasons why choosing the Valentine’s Day London Eye celebration can create lasting memories:

Panoramic Views of London: 

Panoramic Views of London
Image: Secretldn.com

The London Eye provides breathtaking, sweeping perspectives of the city, creating a lovely setting for your Valentine’s Day celebration. 

The illuminated skyline, landmarks, and the River Thames offer a magical setting for a romantic rendezvous.

Have a fond evening watching the warm glow across the London skyline by taking a romantic adventure aboard the London Eye. 

Prepare for your perfect Valentines Day London Eye celebration by discovering the fascinating views of the London Eye in detail.

Private Capsule Options: 

Private Capsule Option
Image: GetYourGuide.com

Consider upgrading to a London Eye Valentine special private capsule experience for an extra touch of intimacy. 

With the private capsule of the London Eye, you may share a special moment with your significant other. 

Create a personal space for sharing sweet moments, whispered words, and stolen kisses. That’s why the private pod of the London Eye is also called Cupid’s Pod.

The capsule’s glass walls offer unobstructed panoramic views of the city’s landmarks, creating an intimate and magical atmosphere.

Imagine having this exclusive journey of a complete rotation to yourself with your special someone, establishing a private and intimate setting. (P.S. It’s perfect for proposing!) 

The London Eye offers various packages that include champagne, chocolates, or even a personal host to make your private capsule experience even more special.

Sunset or Evening Options: 

The London Eye operates both day and evening. You can choose either of the two experiences but we recommend the special evening experience for your special day!

Booking a late afternoon or early evening slot allows you to witness the city’s transformation from day to night.

You can add a touch of enchantment to your romantic experience as the city below sparkles in the warm hues of twilight.

You can even time your visit to coincide with the captivating sunset over London to catch this once-in-a-lifetime view of the sun painting the cityscape and setting a perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. 

So, book London Eye Valentine evening experience and create a magical setting for you and your special someone by amplifying the romantic ambiance.

Champagne and Dining Packages: 

No Valentine’s celebration is complete without a champagne toast. 

As you ascend into the London sky, raise your glasses to a day dedicated to your love. 

Sip on exquisite champagne while taking in the breathtaking views of iconic landmarks such as the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Shard

So, enhance your experience with London Eye Valentine special packages, including champagne, chocolates, or even a full dining experience within the capsule. 

You can choose a London Eye cupid’s pod for some peaceful and private time in the capsule or you can go for the Pub Pod if you are a party person.

Savor these treats of champagne and more while admiring London’s beauty and add a touch of luxury to your celebration.

Escape the Traditional Dinner Scene: 

Move away from the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner setting and enjoy a romantic journey in the sky. 

A journey on the London Eye is a refreshing and unexpected way to celebrate love, offering a break from routine and creating a memorable experience.

You’ll have a stunning backdrop for capturing beautiful moments with your loved one. 

Whether it’s stealing a kiss against the twinkling city lights or capturing candid smiles as you and your partner look out over the River Thames, these photos will become cherished mementos of your Valentine’s Day celebration.

Experience the perfect blend of romance and rhythm at Hard Rock Cafe London Piccadilly

Savor mouthwatering burgers while enjoying the iconic tunes, lively ambiance, and some delectable bites.

Alternatively, explore the dynamic side of London with the Central London Bar Crawl.

VIP entry, free shots, and exclusive discounts await, ensuring an unforgettable nightlife adventure. Book today, and let the good times roll!!

Combine with Other London Attractions: 

Prolong your romantic journey by blending your London Eye experience with visits to other alluring attractions nearby. 

Craft your personalized itinerary, embracing the finest sights London has to offer.

You can stroll along the Thames, explore the Southbank, bar hop, have a lavish meal at one of London’s popular restaurants or visit the nearby Shard.

Many tour operators offer packages with a delightful dinner cruise along the river, providing you with an opportunity to continue your celebration after descending from the London Eye

The Thames River dinner cruise with the views of the giant Ferris wheel of the London Eye rotating and the city’s landmarks lit up is a luxurious experience that couples must opt for Valentine’s Day celebration!

Enjoy a delectable meal on the lavish cruise with amorous melodies playing and create a magical ambiance you will never forget.

Unmissable Romantic Experiences in London

River Thames Evening Cruise with Bubbly and Canapés

London River Thames Evening Cruise with Bubbly and Canapés

  • Sunset cruise on the Thames River.
  • See illuminated London landmarks.
  • Sail under Tower Bridge and past Canary Wharf.
  • Enjoy canapés and a glass of sparkling wine or a soft drink.

Ticket Price: £37 per person

Nighttime Open-Top

London Nighttime Open-Top Bus Sightseeing Tour

  • Panoramic open-top bus tour of London.
  • Live English-speaking guide.
  • Audio guides available in 11 languages.
  • Free Wi-Fi on board.
  • Evening tour of Buckingham Palace & Tower Bridge.

Ticket Price: £27 per person

Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco

London: Afternoon Tea Bus with a Glass of Prosecco

  • Afternoon tea on a double-decker bus.
  • Choose lower or upper deck seating.
  • Includes Prosecco or a soft drink.
  • Enjoy treats while touring London landmarks.

Ticket Price: £49 per person

Thames Dinner Cruise

London: River Thames Dinner Cruise

  • Dinner and dance boat cruise in London.
  • Receive a welcome glass of sparkling wine upon arrival.
  • Indulge in a 4-course dinner with tea and coffee.
  • Cruise past illuminated landmarks.
  • Enjoy live singing with performances from West End shows.

Ticket Price: £87 per person.

London’s Immersive Art Experience

  • Entry to four galleries: Beyond Reality, Colour in Motion, The World Around Us, and The Art of Abstraction.
  • Access to Café Bar and Gift Shop.
  • Use the free cloakroom during your visit.
  • Explore the talents of 29 gifted artists with one all-access pass.

Ticket Price: £25 per person

A Truly Romantic Gesture: 

Opting for Valentine’s Day London Eye celebration demonstrates thoughtfulness and a desire to create a unique and memorable experience. 

It’s a romantic gesture that goes beyond traditional celebrations, showing your commitment to making the day extraordinary for your partner.

You can treasure your trip to the London Eye by buying Souvenirs and mementos from the London Eye gift shop.

This Valentine’s Day on the London Eye will be a date and a unique memory for you and your partner.

Whether you opt for a sunset soiree, a private capsule experience, or a romantic dinner cruise, you’ll get the perfect ambiance for expressing your love and creating cherished memories on this special day.

Share intimate moments in the sky, heightening your experience with stunning views, private moments, and the symbolic journey of love in the heart of London. 

London Eye’s Exquisite Romantic Experiences

Private PodElevate your romance with the London Eye experience featuring a private pod and offering an intimate journey with stunning views of London.
Champagne ExperienceIndulge in luxury by sipping bubbly while enjoying the city’s iconic sights at this enchanting and elevated celebration.
Sunset/Night TicketFast-track your way to romance as the city transforms with the colors of sunset and the sparkle of night lights.
Thames River Cruise + London EyeCombine, the best of land and water with a Thames River Cruise and an optional London Eye ticket, creating a perfect blend of sightseeing and iconic experiences in the heart of London.
Thames River Dinner Candlelight CruiseIgnite the spark with a Candlelight dinner Cruise featuring a 4-course meal, live music, and the enchanting backdrop of London’s illuminated landmarks for an unforgettable evening.
London’s Top Attraction’s MarathonUnlock London’s treasures with The London Pass, offering access to over 90 attractions and tours and ensuring a marathon of exploration in one of the world’s most vibrant cities.


Is the London Eye considered a romantic experience?

Yes, the London Eye is widely regarded as a romantic experience. 

Its circular motion symbolizes the continuous and eternal nature of love.

The breathtaking views of London from the top create a magical atmosphere, especially during sunset and in the evening when the city lights come alive.

Many couples choose the London Eye for special occasions, including Valentine’s Day, to add a touch of romance to their celebration.

You can enhance your experience with various ticket options, such as by booking a London Eye Private Pod Entry or indulging in a London Eye Champagne Experience.

What is the best time to go to the London Eye?

The best time for a London Eye experience can vary based on personal preference.

However, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, the evening and sunset slots are perfectly magical.

These times offer the chance to witness the city’s transformation from day to night, with the twinkling lights creating a romantic backdrop.

Consider timing your visit to coincide with the captivating sunset over London for an added touch of romance.

How do I book the London Eye on Valentine’s Day?

Booking the London Eye Valentine’s Day Ticket is simple and can be done online. Choose the best experiences from the available options.

Select your preferred date and time, choose the type of experience you desire (standard, champagne, or combination with a river cruise), and follow the secure booking process.

Ensure to book in advance, especially for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, to secure your desired time slot and make your celebration memorable.

Featured Image: Londoneye.com

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