London Eye vs. Dubai Eye: Battle of the Giants

London and Dubai are two of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, offering a unique blend of history and culture with many thrills and exciting activities. 

People who are looking to get a bird’s eye view of Dubai and London (two picturesque and beautiful cities) must consider visiting their respective iconic structures; the London Eye and Ain Dubai

From the breathtaking views from the top to the unique experiences offered, this London Eye vs Dubai Eye guide will explore all the relevant information.

So get ready to soar above the bustling cities of London and Dubai and take in the stunning views they offer. 

Jump in and dive into this detailed London Eye vs Dubai Eye to decide which is better and offers an unmatched experience. 

London Eye Vs Ain Dubai: Facts at a Glance 

Before we compare the specifics of these two world-class attractions, let’s briefly see all the relevant details. 

This will give you a better idea about these two amazing attractions. 

Dubai Eye,Ain Dubai

Dubai Eye/Ain Dubai

Height: 820 ft (250 m)

Opening Hours: 10 am to 9 pm (Varies depending on season)

Last Entry: 8.30 pm

Address: Bluewaters , Bluewaters Island – Dubai, UAE

Best time to visit: November to March

How long does it take: 30-50 minutes

Ain Dubai Regular Tickets Price: AED130 (US $36) 

Buy Ain Dubai Ticket
London eye

London Eye

Height: 443 ft (135 m)

Opening Hours: 10 am to 6 pm (Varies depending on season)

– Last Entry: 5.30 pm

Address: Riverside Building, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom. Get Directions! 

Best time to visit: June to August

How long does it take: 30 minutes

London Eye Entry Ticket Price: £33/ Adult Ticket

Buy London Eye Ticket

London Eye vs Dubai Eye: Overview

London Eye vs Dubai Eye Overview
Image: Joel Ambass on Unsplash, Zita Stankova

In October 2021, Ain Dubai also known as the Dubai Eye was unveiled to the public making it the world’s tallest observation Ferris wheel. 

Thus, the Dubai Eye is the latest addition to the world’s long list of giant Ferris wheels. 

It is located on Bluewaters Island near the Dubai Marina. Open the Ain Dubai location in Google Maps for easy navigation. 

Initially, it was named Dubai-I, but later changed to incorporate the Arabic word “Ain”, which means eye in Arabic. 

Contrary to the Ain Dubai, unveiled in March 2000, the London Eye is among the oldest Ferris wheels of its kind in the world. 

The London Eye was originally named the Millennium Wheel. It was a part of the city’s millennial celebrations and was supposed to be only a temporary attraction. 

However, its immense popularity made it a permanent fixture in the stunning London Skyline. 

It is located on the South Bank of the Thames River. Open the London Eye location in Google Maps for easy navigation. 

In 2015, it was named the Coca-Cola London Eye when it took over EDF Energy as the official sponsor for the landmark. 

London Eye vs Ain Dubai: Physical Attributes

Even though both of these attractions were built 20 years apart, they are still stellar examples of sheer feats of engineering marvels. 

On the one hand, the Ain Dubai is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. 

On the other hand, the London Eye is just a little behind as it holds the title of Europe’s Tallest Cantilevered Ferris wheel. 

The ace architecture company Snohetta, based in Norway designed the Ain Dubai. 

The builder used more than 9,000 metric tons of steel, among other materials, to build the Dubai Eye. For reference, it is 25% more than the iron used in making The Eiffel Tower. 

On the other hand, the husband-and-wife team of Julia Barfield and David Marks Barfield designed the London Eye.

It is made from 3,000 tons of concrete and 1,700 tons of steel. Thus, it is considerably less than Ain Dubai. 

The Dubai Eye has 48 capsules/pods that are air-conditioned to provide a comfortable experience. 

Each of these state-of-the-art cabins can carry up to 30 guests at a time. Thus, the Ain Dubai has a total capacity of around 1400 people. 

Compared to this, the London Eye, due to its noticeably small stature, has 32 pods/cabins. Each capsule or carrier booth can accommodate 25 guests at a time. 

Thus, the London Eye has a maximum capacity of at most 800 guests at any given time, almost half of the Dubai Eye. 

One exciting fact about the London Eye is that even though there are only 32 pods, these are numbered till 33. 

The number 13 is left for good luck. Learn more interesting London Eye facts. 

Views from the London Eye vs Dubai Eye

Views from the London Eye vs Dubai Eye
Image: TheNationalnews.com, Facebook.com(OfficialLondonEye)

Both of these attractions are among the tallest structures in their respective cities. Both offer gorgeous sweeping skyline views of their cities. 

The London Eye offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and its exquisite skyline, featuring plenty of historical and contemporary attractions. 

In their respective pods, guests reach the rotation’s topmost position, where they get an unrestricted canvas of the entire city skyline. 

Some famous landmarks you can witness are the River Thames, Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Big Ben, and The Palace of Westminster. 

On a clear sunny day, guests can see as far as Windsor Castle, located approximately 25 miles (40 km) from the London Eye. 

On the other hand, the Dubai Eye also offers an unrestricted 360-degree view of the Dubai skyline, which features tall skyscrapers and coastal settings. 

Even though the London Eye is an excellent observation deck, it is still not the tallest in the city. 

The Shard is the tallest structure in the city and has an Open-Air Skydeck on the 72nd level. Read The Shard vs London Eye to learn more in detail. 

The Ain Dubai is an excellent platform to witness the bird’s eye view of Dubai, a well-organized cityscape featuring giant buildings, patches of shimmering blue water and greenery here and there. 

Apart from the Dubai Marina, visitors can spot a range of tourist attractions, such as the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and undoubtedly offers the best views of the Dubai skyline. 

Both remain open after sunset, offering a different perspective of the city skyline and various attractions. 

Visitors can enjoy enchanting and magical views from the London Eye at night and from the Dubai Eye, too. 

The experience and the views from the London Eye at night are surreal, with all attractions illuminated and the Thames River shimmering with lights. 

Note: London Eye is an excellent observation deck located in a part of the city with plenty of other famous landmarks.
On your visit, you can cover the attractions near the London Eye. All you need to know is how to reach these attractions from the London Eye. 
Visit Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, among other attractions, in the easiest way possible and make your travel hassle-free. 

Getting to the London Eye vs Dubai Eye

Both attractions are located in the prime areas of their respective cities in popular tourist areas filled with other attractions and opportunities to explore further. 

Both are well-connected with all public transportation options. 

One clear advantage of London is the efficient and reliable underground metro that makes getting from one place to another fairly straightforward. Know how to reach via public transport.

Dubai is also one of the most tourist-friendly places in the world. 

So, let’s jump into the particulars and look at how you can reach these attractions easily. 

Getting to the London Eye

The London Eye is located on the South Bank of the Thames River. Travelers can use plenty of public transportation modes to reach the London Eye. 

Depending on your initial point, the route and the time duration might vary. 

For instance, if you are visiting the London Eye from out of the country, you will most likely land at Heathrow Airport.

Depending on the mode of transfer and route, the London Eye is anywhere from 17 miles (27km) to 35 miles (56 km).

The most efficient and cheapest way to reach the London Eye from Heathrow Airport is by train. 

Visitors can take various other modes of transportation to reach the London Eye from Heathrow, such as a bus or taxi, and drive themselves. 

Read how to reach the London Eye from Heathrow Airport.

In general, regardless of what part of the city you are in, taking an underground metro or train will be the easiest and won’t cost you much either. 

The nearest train station to the London Eye is the Waterloo Underground Station, located merely 0.2 miles (0.3 km) from the London Eye. 

Travelers can easily cover this distance on foot within a couple of minutes. 

The Waterloo Station is on the South Bank, while if you are traveling from the North Bank side, you can also get off at the Westminster Subway Station right beside Big Ben. 

After getting off at the Westminster Subway Station, travelers must cross the iconic Westminster Bridge to get to the London Eye. 

From the Westminster Subway Station, the London Eye is located 0.6 miles (0.9 km). On foot, guests will take up to five minutes to reach their destination. 

Learn about the various public transportation to reach the London Eye. Pick the one that suits your needs.

Getting to the Ain Dubai

Dubai Eye is on Bluewaters Island in Dubai, an artificial island off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence

Due to this, there are limited options for reaching the Dubai Eye directly. 

The easiest option is to take a taxi to the island, but it is the most expensive option. 

However, if you are near the Jumeirah Beach Residence, you can walk down the bridge to Bluewater Island. 

Apart from this, two sensible, affordable, and reliable public transportation options are available for visitors to use: bus and tram/metro. 

Getting to the Dubai Eye via Bus 

The closest bus stop to Ain Dubai is Jumeirah, Royal Meridian -O2, approximately 860 m (0.8 km) away. 

Bus routes 8, 883, 4, F55A operate on this route that will take you to Bluewaters Island. 

After getting off at the Jumeirah Royal Meridian, travelers will only need up to 12 minutes to reach Ain Dubai on foot.  

Apart from this, another bus stop is located at Shatha Tower – O1, located a mile (1.6 km) away from Ain Dubai. 

It will take guests approximately 20 minutes on foot to reach the Dubai Eye from the Shatha Tower. 

Getting to the Dubai Eye via Metro

The Nearest Metro Station to the Dubai Eye is Damac Metro Station, which is approximately 620 m (0.6 km) away from it. 

The M1 metro line takes guests to Ain Dubai. After getting off at the Damac Metro Station, guests can reach Ain Dubai on foot in less than 10 minutes. 

Taking a train is the most sensible, affordable and, in many cases, the fastest option to reach the Dubai Eye. 

This option is highly recommended for budget travelers as you will spend a fraction of any other option. 

Getting to the Dubai Eye via Tram

Besides the metro, Dubai is an ultra-modern city with a well-connected network of trams that allows convenient commutes. 

Visitors can also use the trams to commute within the city and reach the Dubai Eye. The nearest station to Ain Dubai when traveling on a tram is the Jumeirah Beach Residence 2

It is located approximately 3.8 miles (6 km) from the Dubai Eye. Travelers can use the Light Rail to get to this station first. 

After getting off at the Jumeirah Beach Residence 2 station, guests must take a short taxi ride of approximately 10 minutes. 

Note: This is only advisable if you can’t use the metro for some reason.

London Eye vs Dubai Eye: Ticket Prices & Availability

London Eye vs Dubai EyeTicket Prices & Availability
Image: Joel Ambass on Unsplash, Rabbit75_cav

One clear advantage of London Eye is the sheer variety of London Eye tickets, which is the UK’s number one paid tourist attraction. 

For instance, visitors can buy the usual London Eye Standard Experience Tickets that cost £45 (US $58) for adults aged 16 years and above.

Visitors can take advantage of the age-based discounts on all London Eye tickets online. 

Thus, the same tickets will cost £42 (US $52) for children ages two and 15 years. However, with London Eye standard tickets, guests will spend more time in the waiting queue.  

Given that the London Eye is the most popular attraction in London, guests must stand in long queues to board the pod. The wait times can be as long as 30 minutes on many occasions. 

We recommend getting the London Eye Fast Track tickets, which cost marginally more but allow you to skip the queue line for faster onboarding! 

The London Eye Facts Track tickets for adults aged 16 years and above will cost £48 (US $61). Children’s Tickets for guests between the ages of two and fifteen will cost £44(US $56). 

Infants up to one age go for free as they do not require any tickets. 

We recommend timing your visit smartly so you won’t have to wait much longer, even with a standard ticket. Learn about the best time to visit. 

Note: Another highly recommended tour is taking a River Thames Cruise, which allows you to explore all the near-shore attractions, including the London Eye, the Tower of London, and more. 
Apart from this, getting a London City Pass will give travelers access to numerous attractions around the city at a fraction of the cost. 
Pair the city pass with a bus tour combo to get the most out of your visit.
Similarly, a Dubai Pass combined with any of the Dubai Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus tours can help you explore all the major tourist attractions at a fraction of the cost. 

On the other hand, there are limited options for Dubai Eye tickets, which are times and allow access to the attraction only for a specific time window.

For instance, the Regular Ain Dubai tickets start from AED 130 (US $36). 

Apart from the regular tickets, there are plenty of options that can make your visit even more enriching. 

The Ain Dubai Prime Time hours ticket allows visitors to experience the unparalleled sunset from the Dubai Eye when the entire city is awash in a golden hue. 

The Ain Dubai Prime Time Hours ticket starts from AED 180 (US $50). 

Additionally, visitors can get the more sought-after Ain Dubai Premium Primetime, starting from AED 250 (US $69). 

One of the biggest reasons for the lack of variety of Dubai Eye tickets is the fact that it is temporarily closed. 

Note: The Ain Dubai is temporarily closed until further notice. So, keep an eye out until further notice. 
Meanwhile, the High Roller remains the tallest observation Ferris wheel. Read our detailed spread on the High Roller vs London Eye for all the necessary information. 

Both attractions are ideal for spending memorable time with your partner, celebrating a special occasion or simply making memories with your significant other. 

Visitors can get Special Experience London Eye Tickets, such as the London Eye Champagne Experience, starting from £60 (US $77). 

Similarly, at Dubai Eye, visitors can opt for the Ain Dubai Premium Experience with Mocktails starting from AED 250 (US $69).

Check out the list of the top three London Eye Combo tickets that offer a rich and varied experience for an amazing time. 

London Eye Tickets FeaturePrice
#London Eye and London Dungeon Combo Tour tickets– Standard admission Entry Tickets to the London Eye. 
– London Dungeon admission tickets.
– Delve deep into the dark and mysterious side of London.
£60/ Adult Ticket
#London Eye and Madame Tussauds Combo Tour tickets– Standard admission Entry Tickets to the London Eye. 
– Madame Tussauds admission tickets.
– Access to all exhibits and exhibitions to rub shoulders with the world’s most famous stars; and see their wax statue with uncanny similarities. 
£60/ Adult Ticket
#London Eye River Cruise and Standard London Eye Tickets – An engaging and informative 40-minute-long London Eye Cruise. – London Eye Standards admission tickets. £60/ Adult Ticket

London Eye vs Dubai Eye: Conclusion

London Eye vs Dubai Eye Conclusion
Image: Facebook.com(Lovinduba)

If Ain Dubai is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world, then the London Eye is Europe’s tallest cantilevered Ferris wheel. 

The choice between London Eye vs Dubai Eye boils down to your preference. 

We recommend visiting both as they are iconic, modern-day engineering marvels. Both provide breathtaking, mesmerizing views of their cities and a memorable experience. 

London Eye has a lot of history behind it and offers a stunning Panorama of London’s rich historical and cultural vistas.

On the other hand, the Dubai Eye offers sweeping views of the modern and high-tech opulent city skyline filled with giant skyscrapers on one side and vast, shimmering blue water over the gulf on the other. 

However, the Dubai Eye has not been operational since March 2022, just six months after being opened to the public in October 2021.

It was closed for periodic enhancement, but in April 2023, the operators announced that Ain Dubai would remain closed indefinitely. 

Thus, your best bet is to get the London Eye tickets and visit the oldest giant Ferris wheels in the world, which have a charming background and plenty of other attractions nearby. 


1. Is Ain Dubai the Dubai version of the London Eye?

Ain Dubai, also known as the Dubai Eye, certainly takes inspiration from the London Eye

Ain is the Arabic word for eye, but it can’t be labeled as the Dubai version of the London Eye. 

It has its own unique identity and offers an unparalleled experience. 

2. Is Dubai Eye the biggest Ferris wheel in the world?

Yes, Dubai Eye is the biggest Ferris wheel in the world.

It stands at a staggering height of 250 meters (820 ft), dwarfing the London Eye by a significant margin of more than 75 meters (246 ft). 

On the other hand, the London Eye is 135 meters (443 Ft) tall, which might seem less in comparison but still quite impressive.

3. When will Ain Dubai be reopened?

Dubai Eye opened to the public in 2021, which is relatively new. 

However, it closed pretty soon after, in March 2022, for improvement and to make the overall experience even better for the guests. 

Since then, it has been closed indefinitely until further notice. So, keep an eye out. 

4. What are the 5 tallest Ferris wheels in the world?

The tallest Ferris Wheel in the World is Ain Dubai located in Dubai stands at a magnificent height of 820 ft (250 m).

The second tallest Ferris wheel in the world is the High Roller in Las Vegas. It is 550 ft (167.6 m) tall. 

The third tallest Ferris wheel is the Singapore Flyer which stands at a height of 541 ft (165 m).

The fourth tallest Ferris wheel is the Star of Nanchang located in China which stands at 525 ft (160 m) height. 

The fifth tallest Ferris wheel in the world is the Sun of Moscow which stands at a height of 459 ft (140 m).

Bailang Rover Bridge Ferris wheel situated in eifang, China, is 475 ft (145 m)and taller than the Sun of Moscow but is a non-rotating wheel.

5. London Eye vs Chicago Ferris Wheel

Both the London Eye and the Chicago Ferris Wheel offer exquisite and breathtaking views of their respective cities.

London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and offers an unrestricted panoramic view of the picturesque city of London up to 25 km (15.5 miles). 

Though significantly small, the Chicago Ferris wheel stands at merely 47 meters (154 ft) but still offers stunning views of this aesthetic city along with Lake Michigan. 

One should experience both to gain a bird’s eye view of these beautiful cities.

6. London Eye vs Orlando Eye

The London Eye and Orlando Eye offer fantastic views of their respective cities, which are difficult to get by any other means.
Only slightly smaller, Orlando Eye stands at 122 meters (400 ft), offering an impressive 360-degree view of the city, including Walt Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld

On the other hand, the London Eye offers stunning panoramic views of London’s skyline, which is filled with various historical structures. 

We highly recommend considering both of these iconic attractions if you are visiting these cities.

7. London Eye Vs LINQ, Las Vegas, High Roller

The London Eye and the High Roller in Las Vegas are two of the most popular Ferris wheels. 

High Roller is 167 meters (548 ft) tall and the world’s second tallest observation wheel. It offers a picturesque view of Las Vegas and the surrounding desert landscape. 

Even though not as tall as the High Roller, London Eye is still the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. 

Both have enough appeal and tags to make your money worthwhile. So, do visit!

8. London Eye vs Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer is the world’s third tall Ferris wheel and considerably taller than the London Eye.

It is located in the Marina area of Singapore, offering some exquisite views. It is 165 meters (541 ft) tall. 

For comparison, the London Eye is only marginally smaller at 135 meters (443 ft) tall, offering an expansive view of the London skyline as fas as 40 km on a clear day. 

Featured Image: Londoneye.com ,Liam Charmer on Unsplash

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