London Eye View

The London Eye in London is a major attraction equivalent to what Eiffel Tower is to Paris, offering gorgeous city views. 

Prepare for the unparalleled London Eye 360 views beforehand, which you won’t find at any other observation deck in the city.

Find what unrestricted London Eye aerial views and vistas of the London city skyline you may find at the top.

So here’s a brief overview of the London Eye inside view, the London Eye bird’s eye view, and much more. 

Is the London Eye worth seeing?

The London Eye is a towering landmark whose views are magnificent and beyond words can ever express.

It is excellent for observing the entire city of London, but there are other ways to explore this marvel, too!

Visitors can check out the London Eye Street views using the Google Maps Street View feature from the comfort of their homes.

The first thing when you reach the attraction is to check out the giant London Wheel from below while waiting for your turn to enter the pod.

You can also get the best views of the London Eye onboard Thames River cruises.

While in the London Eye pod, you will spot the best London views and the popular attractions from the top, 135 meters above the ground. 

On a clear, sunny day (considered the best time for the London Eye), visitors can have an exquisite bird’s eye view of London, stretching up to 40 Km (25 Miles) in all directions.

If you have booked your tickets to the London Eye, you’re all set to sink into the ethereal beauty of the London Eye views.

You’ll get a breathtaking view of the Thames River and the scenic skyline of London from atop the London Eye pod will surely leave you mesmerized. 

Be sure to click pictures of the London Eye view from the top for Instagram!

Read London Eye tips to know what type of camera is allowed on the pods. Also, read the London Eye Itinerary to plan your visit smoothly.

London Eye Inside View

The London Eye pods are modern and offer unrestricted views of your surroundings. The pods are covered in transparent glass except for the middle roof portion.  

It is in a capsule shape and there is a bench in the middle of the capsule if visitors feel like sitting at any point during their London Eye tour. 

There are numerous small soft lights inside the pod that are turned on when it gets dark. 

There are numerous speakers inside the capsule, too.

Apart from the welcome announcement when you first step inside, these speakers are used to provide other information. 

You can also find London Eye posters and banners inside the pods. 

To get your bearings right, directional markers, such as West and East, will be written on the two longitudinal extremes of the pod.

The pod has ample room for visitors to roam around and soak in the London Eye aerial views. 

The London Eye View from top, at its highest, is absolutely breathtaking from the pod. 

Visitors should get to the Thames River side of the pod for an unobstructed view from all directions.

London Eye in Daytime

You can spot these famous attractions from the top of the London Eye.

Daytime AttractionsDaytime Attractions
The ShardThe Olympic Stadium
Anish Kapoor’s Orbit TowerBig Ben
Buckingham PalaceHouses of Parliament
Westminster AbbeyElizabeth Clock Tower (Big Ben)
St. Paul’s CathedralThe Tate Museum
Tower Bridge

You get to view all of the above attractions from the London Eye top view when it is at its highest.

You can see as far as 25 miles.

If you are visiting for the first time, you can choose a beautiful aerial view of the daytime because it is not something one should miss.

You can also buy the Afternoon Tea Cruise on the River Thames for a fun experience and view of the London Eye from another angle from the river. 

London Eye in the Evening

To experience the best time to visit the London Eye, you must time your visit by pre-booking the evening slot.

You will be able to spot all the well-lit attractions.

The Ferris wheel will also light up, and you will witness the pink-hued London Skyline.

Just buy the fast-track tickets to reach the London Eye’s top in your desired time frame.

By doing this, you can witness the orange halo of sunset in the London skyline. The London Eye Sunset view is one of the most magical sights you will ever see.

Grab a drink to experience the luxury! 

Choose the champagne experience to reach the heights while enjoying a glass of sparkling champagne.

If you feel famished after such a memorable and spellbinding experience, you can squish your hunger by visiting one of the London Eye view restaurants.

Note: The evening time also offers the River Thames Evening Cruise experience which is an exceptional experience offering a London Eye view.

London Eye at Night

When planning to visit the London Eye, visitors often have this question popping in their minds– can you go on the London Eye at night? 

For several months during the year, the London Eye remains open till 9.30 pm. 

With clear weather and London City lit with uncountable lights, the city feels like a fairy dream. 

Undoubtedly, the London Eye at night experience is drastically different from the daytime when it is more about the skyline and less about the ambiance. 

Choosing whether to experience the London Eye at night or day is a matter of preference. 

Visitors can check out the London Eye pictures at night to catch a glimpse of the air of mystery and marvel surrounding the London Eye at night. 

Is London Eye better at Night or Day?

The London Eye at night is a different experience than what it is during the day. This is not to say that one is better than the other. 

Several benefits of visiting the London Eye at night are mentioned here to make your experience at this giant wheel worthwhile: 

One of the most obvious and significant benefits is the reduced London Eye night wait times. 

Apart from this, the London Eye at night also offers a fine-dining experience called “Dining at 135”, a three-course meal luxury in a pod with a seating of 8 people. 

View from London Eye at Night 

One of the biggest differences when you experience the London Eye at night is that the attraction lights up at night. 

Its beauty is beyond words at nighttime while the view from the London Eye is incomparable.

When the lights are on at night, London City twinkles like countless stars in the sky. 

Due to the romantic ambiance, many couples experience the London Eye at night to celebrate special occasions and date nights.

The London Eye lights up at night to make your time more magical and memorable. 

Visitors can check out the London Eye at night reviews raving about the enchanting vibe. 

Gloria HDec 21, 2023
I have done the eye several times, but always in the day and during warmer weather. Wanted to see London at night. It was spectacular. We had booked the last time of the day but arrived early and were allowed on without any problem. It was private as we shared our pod with 4 other adults and 3 children. It was very comfortable and safe. It was a lovely ride, as always. Saw beautiful views across London.


Things to do near London Eye at Night 

Apart from the London Eye night views, one more perk of experiencing the London Eye at night is you are free to explore the nightlife of London City. 

From fancy dinners to the amazing pub culture of bar hopping, you have plenty of options to make your night even more memorable. 

One of the must-do things to do near London Eye at night includes the Night Sightseeing Bus Tour and the mesmerizing River Thames Evening Cruise

Or, if you are celebrating a special occasion or simply want to surprise your partner, then the London Dinner Cruise is the perfect way to go. 

On these river cruises, you will get the best view of London Eye from the waters. 

If you are visiting during the Christmas season, you can catch the London Christmas Lights by Night Bus Tour to experience the magical festive vibes.

Note: First admissions for London Eye daytime access are between 10 am and 4 pm. Second admissions for  London Eye nighttime visits are between 4 pm and closing time.

However, this ticket isn’t offered year-round because of its seasonality.
The best alternative is to schedule a standard London Eye ticket an hour or two before (or after dusk.)

Hotels with view of London Eye

Hotels with view of London Eye will make sure you have an exquisite view of the London Eye and convenient accommodation near the prime city. 

The Premier Inn London County Hall Hotel is one of the best hotels with London Eye Views. 

It is merely a 10-minute walk away from the London Eye, Big Ben, and the Palace of Westminster

There is a modern restaurant, free WiFi, air conditioning and many more amenities to make your stay comfortable and memorable. 

Another good option is the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, which is just 4 minutes away from the London Eye. 

It also features an Old-world hotel restaurant with classy crystal chandeliers, plus cocktails in the library lounge. 

Some of the noteworthy hotel amenities include a pool, fitness center, free WiFi, air conditioning, and more. 

Some of the other options for the best hotels with London Eye views include the Premier Inn London Waterloo, Park Plaza County Hall London, and Park Plaza Westminster Bridge London.


What is the view of the London Eye?

The London Eye is the tallest cantilever observation wheel in Europe and thus offers an exquisite bird’s eye view of London once you are at the top-most point. 

Visitors can enjoy unrestricted 360-degree views from the London Eye and spot major attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and other London Eye sights.

If you decide to do the London Eye at later hours of the day, you can witness the mesmerizing London awash in the golden light of the setting sun. 

Where to get the best view of the London Eye?

The best view of the London Eye is from across the River Thames, anywhere from the surrounding area on the Victoria Embankment. 

The Iconic Westminster Bridge also offers a decent spot to catch for an unrestricted glimpse of the London Eye. 

But by far, the most relaxing and magical view of the London Eye is onboard one of the River Thames cruises

Is London Eye better at night or day?

There is no single objective answer, as it depends entirely on what type of experience you want at the London Eye. 

Most people prefer to experience the London Eye during the day when they can soak in the panoramic view of London City as far as they can see. 

However, the view from London Eye at night is also nothing less than magical when the entire London City shimmers like stars. 

Can you ride the London Eye at night?

Yes. Visitors can ride the London Eye at Night. 

The closing time of London Eye varies throughout the year. For several months, the London Eye operates till 9.30 pm. 

Many people choose to experience the London Eye at night for its incredible birds eye view of London at night, along with the reduced wait times. 

Featured Image: Londoneye.com

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