How to Get to London Eye

There are multiple ways to reach the London Eye, formerly Millennium Wheel. You can either drive yourself to reach the location or you can use public transport.

London has a well-connected public transportation system network, allowing travelers to quickly get from one part of the city to another. 

Let’s explore how to get to the London Eye by train, bus, and other public transportation methods for a hassle-free experience. 

Top 3 London Eye Tickets and Tours

How to Get to London Eye by Bus?

London Eye, is located in the heart of the capital, on the South Bank of the River Thames in the borough of Lambeth. Get Directions.

Most visitors opt for public transport to reach the London Eye because it is more convenient and saves money.

Bus No. 211, 77, and 381 have routes near the London Eye.

If you have booked a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, rest assured that the London Eye is on your tour’s route.

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How to Get to London Eye by Train/Subway?

Are you looking for a cheaper, faster alternative to reach the London Eye? The London subway is here for your rescue!

These are the closest subway stations to the London Eye: 

StationLocation/ Subway LinesDistance from London Eye
Waterloo tube stationJubilee, Northern, and Bakerloo linesHalf a km (0.3 miles) from London Eye
Westminster Station Jubilee, District, and Circle linesHalf a km (0.3 miles) away
Embankment and Charing Cross tube stationsThe northern side of the river Thames1.8 km (1.1 miles) away from London Eye

How to Get to London Eye by Car?

Taking a cab to reach the London Eye is the most comfortable way to travel (only if you are willing to spend a few more bucks.)

Share the location with the cab driver or drive by finding the London Eye on maps. Get Directions to London Eye

London Eye Address: The London Eye, Riverside Building, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB.

If you are on a budget trip, it’s best to use the public transport facilities available.

London Eye Sights

Given the central location of the London Eye, it is close to quite a few handfuls of attractions.

London Eye is opposite the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben. It is so huge that it is visible from afar, making it easier for visitors to spot it.  

If you visit these attractions nearby, you can drop by and ride on the London Eye.

As a frame of reference to reach the London Eye, let’s learn how to get to London Eye from these sights:

How to Get from Buckingham Palace to London Eye?

The distance between London Eye and Buckingham Palace is around 1 and a half miles. There are 3 sensible ways to get to the London Eye from Buckingham Palace. 

If you are up for it you may as well just walk this distance. It will certainly take the most time. 

If you are hurrying and want to reach London Eye as fast as possible, you can take a taxi. However, this will be the most expensive way. 

Another way to reach London Eye from Buckingham Palace is to get the tube or subway. 

The nearest station to the London Eye is Waterloo. You can catch the train from St. James station 

How to Get from Heathrow to London Eye?

The distance from Heathrow Airport to the London Eye is approximately 18 miles. 

One of the most sensible ways to reach the London Eye from Heathrow Airport is to get a train or subway. 

You have multiple options, but the most inexpensive and comparatively faster way is to go for the London Underground tube, Bakerloo line simply.  

You can also take a bus from the Heathrow Central Bus Station to the London Eye, but it will take longer. 

Compared to the 15-20 minutes by Underground tube, the bus will take approximately 1.5 hours. 

Another option is to take a taxi. It will be quicker than the bus, but it will also be the most expensive option out of all three. 

How to Get from Kings Cross to London Eye?

The distance between London Eye and Kings Cross is approximately 3 miles. 

The most sensible way to simply take the London Underground tube. You will also be able to visit the iconic King’s Cross station. 

Take a tube from the King’s Cross station to Waterloo. It will take you less than 5 minutes, and there is a train after every 5 minutes. 

And if you have a lot of time, you can also take a leisurely walk from King’s Cross to the London Eye. It will take you somewhere around 45 minutes, depending on your speed. 

How to Get from Madame Tussauds to London Eye?

The distance between the Madame Tussauds and the London Eye is approximately 2.5 miles. There are multiple ways to reach London Eye from Madame Tussauds. 

If you are not in a rush and up for it, you can walk this distance in around 45-50 minutes, depending on your pace. 

However, the most sensible and cost-effective way to reach London Eye from Madame Tussauds is simply to get the subway via Westminster station. 

You can always catch a bus or taxi to London Eye. Getting a taxi will cost you a lot more than a subway. 

To reach London Eye, you must take the Line 435 bus via Westminster Station Parliament Square. 

We’d recommend you check out the Madame Tussauds and London Eye combo tickets to visit both. 

For all those wondering how to get 2-for-1 London Eye tickets like the above one, check out the London Eye handpicked Combos, bus combos, and river cruise to elevate your experience further.

How to Get to London Eye from London Bridge?

London Bridge is one of the most recognizable attractions close to the London Eye, which you can see from the London Eye. 

They are approximately 2 miles apart. But if you want to walk from London Bridge to the London Eye, it will just be 1.7 miles and take around 30 minutes. 

Another way to get to London Eye from London Bridge is by taking the subway. Get on at the London Bridge Station and get off at Waterloo. 

It will take you less than 5 minutes. But if you want to get to London Eye from London Bridge by bus, take the Line 381 bus. 

Both these iconic structures are visible from a leisurely River Thames cruise. So, getting a River Thames cruise to witness these, among other riverside attractions, is highly recommended. 

How to Get from Liverpool Street to London Eye?

Liverpool Street across the River Thames, on the other side of the river from the London Eye. However, it is pretty close, merely 2.4 miles. 

The fastest but the most expensive way to get from Liverpool Street to the London Eye is by taxi.

The most inexpensive and slowest medium is walking. It will take you approximately 40 minutes, depending on your speed and pace. 

However, taking the Subway is the most sensible way to save time and money. You will find a Subway every other minute or 5 minutes. 

Make sure you get on the direct subway as mainly you would require to change one train to reach the London Eye. 

After boarding the subway from the Liverpool Street Underground Station, You must transfer to Either Bank Underground Station or Tottenham court road Underground Station. 

In both cases, you will get off at the Embankment Underground station. From here, the London Eye is only 7 minute walk away. 


How much is it to visit the London Eye?

There are plenty of types of London Eye tickets available for visitors. 

We highly recommend getting the London Eye fast-track ticket instead of the Standard one to avoid long queues. The London Eye fast-track tickets will cost £46 (US $58). 

But other value-for-money options, such as handpicked combos, river cruise combos, Adventure tickets, and special tickets, are also available.

How close to the water does the London Eye get?

The London Eye is the tallest Cantilevered observation deck in Europe and is on the South Bank of the River Thames in the borough of Lambeth. 

London Eye Pier is opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; it offers easy access to many great attractions

On any of the 32 high-tech pods of the London Eye, visitors are delighted with a view of up to 40 km in all directions. 

How to get cheap London Eye tickets?

The best way to get cheap London Eye tickets is to book London Eye tickets online in advance. You will also dodge the long queues. 

This way, you will enjoy age-based discounts and be sure to have the lowest price possible. 

You will also have a range of tickets to choose from and save many on buying combos as well. 

How long is a trip on the London Eye?

The London Eye takes approx 30 minutes to complete one rotation, so your trip will be around this duration if you opt for the fast-track London Eye tickets

But without this ticket, you may end up standing in an hour-long queue. Learn how long does it take on the London Eye

The London Eye doesn’t stop during its operating hours, so learn London Eye facts to know more.

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