Best Time to Visit London Eye

More than three million people visit the London Eye every year, so the waiting lines can get pretty crowded.

You must take into account large crowds and bad weather that may spoil your visit to the gorgeous London Eye. 

The most fantastic thing about the London Eye is that you will get a different experience while visiting it at varying hours of the day.

So, based on several criteria, let’s check out the best time to visit the London Eye:

For Avoiding Queues

If you want to avoid long queues at ticket counters and security checks, you must arrive as soon as the London Eye opens, at 10 am. It is the best time of day to visit the London Eye. 

You can expect a waiting time of just 20 minutes with a standard ticket to the London Eye. However, this remains the cheapest way to visit the London Eye.

Generally, the middle hours of the day see the most rush, and thus long queues are usual. 

We highly recommend getting a London Eye fast-track ticket to dodge all the lines. It is the best way to visit London Eye.

If you can’t make it in the morning and still want to avoid the crowd, the second-best time to visit the London Eye is 3 pm. 

The crowd clears by noon, and you will find only a slight rush.

The weekdays, especially Monday, have to be the best day to visit London Eye. Make sure there are no school holidays or Public holidays on that day. 

Read how long it takes to visit the London Eye for more details.

For Instagram-worthy Pictures

For instagram-worthy pictures
Image: The-sun.com

The morning time will be best for you to click pictures in the daylight.

Bright daylight is your best friend to take Instagram-worthy photos on the boarding ramp.

You can also spot other popular attractions within the city from the top during these hours.

People wondering about the best places to visit near the London Eye should consider the River Thames cruise to explore riverside attractions. 

You can also visit London Eye And Madame Tussauds with one of the amazing combo tickets.

For views 

For Views
Image: Timeout.com

Watching the sun go down behind Big Ben and the Parliament during the sunset is a view to die for. 

It is a breathtaking, serene moment you must experience once in your lifetime.

If you crave the blinding lights of the metropolis and are with someone special, then nighttime will be ideal for you. 

The stunning views of the night-time visit of the London Eye will kindle romance with your partner. It is the best view London Eye could offer.

You can avoid the crowd, and the waiting time is short during the evening. 

If you purchase Fast-track tickets in advance or book a personal pod, you can be in your capsule in less than 15 minutes and have the experience of a lifetime.

Best Season to Visit London Eye 

Visiting on a highly foggy day may affect the best London Eye Views. So, you must consider the best season to visit London Eye.

If you want to avoid crowds and are not afraid to face cold weather, you can visit the London Eye during the off-season from January to April and then again in November. 

However, September to early November is autumn and receives a lot of rain. 

You must avoid the spring season, which is from February to May, as you will face a lot of rain during these months. 

Summer is from June to August, the ideal weather to enjoy the beautiful sights from the London Eye. 

So, we recommend that the best time to visit the London Eye is July.

When Not to Visit the London Eye

London Eye is an observation Ferris wheel, so try to avoid it on foggy days when it is not so clear & sunny (unless you are in just for the ride.)

You must avoid visiting London Eye on weekends, bank holidays and UK school vacations like Easter, summer breaks, fall breaks, and Christmas.

It can be extremely challenging to dodge the queues during this time. Read Visiting London Eye tips to plan your trip smoothly.

If you’re on a budget, get the Standard Tickets in advance to avoid the box office crowds and save about 20% on the ticket price.

It’s best to reserve Fast Track Tickets in advance to skip all the queues, especially when you intend to visit during the busy months of April through May, August, and October.


Is the London Eye better day or night?

The question between day and night boils down to your preference, itinerary, and the crowd you face at the London Eye. 

Regardless of what time you go, you will have a time of your life. We recommend getting on the London Eye during the sunset when the golden light awash the entire city. 

However, you can do it first thing in the morning right after opening, to avoid crowds and for a relaxed experience. 

Featured Image: Globalexperiences.com

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